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Are you interested in becoming more fit but don’t know how to do it from home?

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Be Fit with AinslieBe Fit with Ainslie
Be Fit with Ainslie

Stand Tall Podcast

By Ainslie C Henderson

Join me for a regular uplifting chat. Learn new tools to help sift through some of life’s most pressing challenges.

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My Mission

I strive to help people achieve their short and long term goals through close connections and differing approaches. I work with people one on one to help navigate an exercise program, better nutrition and or mental health through meditation and mindfulness exercises as needed.

Be Fit with Ainslie

Train Online

During covid-19 I have turned my at home training business into a virtual training business. I work with equipment you already have or no equipment at all.  We can use any space you are in, even a one room apartment.  It is possible to lose weight indoors, get healthy again or achieve new goals all within our new restrictions. When the world opens back up again, you will be ready for it!!

Eating Habits and Nutrition

Nutrition is the staple to a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes labels can be confusing, sometimes we know what is healthy but just need a little nudge to remind us to make better choices and sometimes you just don’t want to have to plan meals for everybody every day of the week. I can help with all of these things too!

Be Fit with Ainslie
Be Fit with Ainslie

Injury Recovery

A lot of people I see are trying to navigate their way through physiotherapists, chiropractors and other specialists and sometimes just don’t want to have to think about what to do next after a busy day. I work directly with many different professionals to achieve the desired outcome for optimal health. I share workouts with you and your healthcare team to keep everyone on the same page and heading toward to the same goal.


You may be feeling like many people lately: You need time to decompress and get out of your own head about covid, work, family and other stressors. Try a little meditation or practicing mindfulness.  I teach a variety of techniques to help train your mind when to work and when to let go.

Be Fit with Ainslie

Ainslie’s Story

I have been in the fitness industry full time for over 15 years. In this time I have become fully qualified to teach pilates, yoga, personal training, nutrition and meditation. Every year I continue to learn by updating my knowledge base through different courses and experiences.

I have always been an avid athlete finding joy in all sports including triathlon, rock climbing, kayaking/paddleboarding and many others too. I have completed two full ironman races and 8 half ironman distance races as well as many shorter distances. I have always loved outdoor rock climbing and have gone many places climbing outside as well.


On July 9th 2017 I was taken off my bike unable to brake or unclip my own feet. My body was unable to hear me. This is the first race in my life that I didn’t complete. A bomb dropped. I was found to have primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) with so many spinal lesions they joined from brainstem to tailbone. Although rocked, my world was far from broken. I told the doctor I would be the reason someone makes a full recovery.

Since that day I have assessed every part of my life inside and out to create the best set up for success. I watch how I eat, exercise and how I plan my day to day life. Meditation and a happy active lifestyle is a huge part of that. Already the improvements in my body are unheard of and will continue to be until MS is gone forever.

I train people because it’s what I love to do. Their success gives me inspiration and their happiness brings so much joy to my day. It is my passion.

Podcast: An Introduction to Stand Tall

September 26, 2022

Join me for regular uplifting chat. Learn new tools to help sift through some of life’s most pressing challenges.

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