April 30, 2021
By Ainslie Henderson

Working from home or from an empty office is a difficult thing to do. Every person has a story here. Some of you have small children also at home full time or at home and school whenever they are open forcing your lives to cater the the whims of the current trends with the influx of covid-19 that week. This is stressful!! Sometimes offices are hoping to see the same output as before despite a lot of limiting factors. Add on different expenses or stressors from family and friends due to different beliefs about how to handle day to day life previously taken for granted.

Here is my question: do you do something every day for you alone? Do you take time for a walk, bike ride or yoga? How does your body feel lately?

Your body has a memory that stores stress inside. It is so important to find ways to help work through these frustrations each day. This could be something simple like each shower take a minute before or after shutting the water off for ten deep breaths. Count them out and just enjoy the focus of making a deep breath expanding your lungs. If you have more frustration built up inside you then look for a better outlet. Maybe a hard workout or pound the pavement a bit. The moral of the story here is to remember to take time for yourself so that you are best able to help those that rely on you.