Treatment Day and Climbing Day

April 27, 2021
By Ainslie Henderson

It’s now been a month since I had my last treatment.  I am still sick each day and taking Ondansetron to help keep some food inside my body.  I choose to see the sunshine in these days however.  The brightness? That’s these moments here. Climbing with all of my boys smiling along with me.  We go out to the climb, I drop the rope after setting up the anchors at the top then we hike down to the bottom to begin our climbs.  This means that I take a little break after each step of the way and maybe belay one kid but not all kids.  I’m so thankful for a partner that reads me well enough to help as needed.  

My climbs are slower lately and more laboured but guess what? No one cares!! I LOVE the feeling of holding on to those rocks up in the sky and the strength it gives me.  It is my time to breathe and choose to live strictly in that moment.  To feel how good it is to move my body and know that what I’m doing is helping me gain back my strength.  

I’m a person who needs to move to think.  I go for a run or bike or swim to weigh out tough decisions or to process bad news or just to brainstorm as needed.  It is so helpful to work through emotions and thoughts properly in order to prevent anything from building up inside you.  Lately I have learned that it is just as important to find a release from that too.  When I’m rock climbing I think about rock climbing.  I look at the rock and all of the options to find the right path for today.  I try to figure out which birds I can hear and see and how the sun moves across the rock as I climb it.  It is so rejuvenating to let it all go for a while.  

The world’s problems will always still be there.  Make sure that you are not trying to solve them all alone without any respite.  Always find a way to stop and listen for the birds.